Now, car rental industry
gets the best-ever
digital experience

Modernize your operations, boost productivity
with self-service car access for client retention

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They trust us

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In all my years of experience in the car rental business, I haven’t found a single supplier with a global vision of today’s mobility era we live in. To have the fluidity of internal and customer information is key for my business. And to keep everything within the same software with solutions that adapts to each part of my business is just perfect.

Hertz Corse

Their achievements :

  • connected vehicles
  • + % increase in customer satisfaction
  • Thousandsof customers using the mobile app

What your customers could say about you

“ Very easy to use and faster
than standard rental ! ”

Sophie S.

“ A great time-saving
solution. ”

Brigitte F.

“ Effective, intuitive and beautiful. ”

Raphael Q.

Kirrk provides a global SaaS platform
made by rental companies for rental companies

  • Booking

    Enable online reservations and payments

  • Pick-up

    Offer a whole new rental experience

  • In rental

    View entire rentals details through apps

  • Drop-off

    Autonomous way to finalize the rental

  • Preparation

    Repeat the cycle with optimized preparation flows

A platform for all sizes of car rental businesses

Kirrk can be deployed into your agency (no matter the size of your fleet) with powerful, ready-to-use dedicated applications for each part of your rental processes.

Access (Application for renters)

Goodbye paperwork
and waiting lines

Digitalize all the paperwork your agency needs so your clients can do the check-in autonomously. Add extra options via the app with an e-commerce flow. Offer a new digital experience and gain precious time on both parts.


A Powerful solution for car returns and preparations

Getting cars ready for the next rental can be a hassle, specifically during peak season. Operator is a solution for staff members to optimize their operations by automatically prioritizing their daily tasks for a faster car turnaround.


360° view of all
your operations

Your staff can now manage, view & share information in real time like pricing, rental documentation and client database to work together seamlessly.

Booking Platform

Enhance and simplify
your car rental revenue

Our machine learning yield management software can automate your pricing operations for the best possible revenue strategy through your own booking platform.


Dynamic and seamless
fleet management

Stay up to date with the rental status of your vehicles and add functionalities like damage management and GPS to run your business more efficiently and more effectively.

We designed the first plug and play device
dedicated for your car rental business

Kirrk offers an IoT device that can be installed and uninstalled in any vehicle in just a few minutes with no
expertise required. Connect your fleet now and take better control of all your operations with a simple, yet
powerful platform.

  • 3 minutes  to install with  0 expertise required
  • Car immediately available  after installation
  • Car unlock and real-time dashboard insights
  • Compatible  with various car models

Kirrk is a post-modern architecture
to scale up your business

Kirrk is built around a post-modern micro-service architecture. More efficient and responsive applications
with ultra-fast learning curve and powerful operational efficiency.

  • A high-frequency platform

    Can handle more than 6000 check-in /check-out per station per day

  • Secured, scalability and performance

    Manages more than 2 million vehicles connected in real time

  • Going fast, constantly up and non-stop

    Go fast with your clients, updates transparently every two weeks

  • Open internet of things (IoT)

    Open to a variety of manageable hardware anywhere, anytime

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