Why is digital necessary for car rental companies?

Kirrk team
More and more companies are using digital for their internal and external organisation and communication. Time saving, better productivity, ease of use: digital is suitable for all companies for greater customer satisfaction. What if it was the turn of your car rental company?
Make customer use easier thanks to digital technology
By making a digital transformation in your car rental agency, you are promoting a better customer experience. This includes:
  • Fewer travel constraints to create a folder
  • Sending scanned documents
  • Basic information online: vehicle availability, rates, conditions, etc.
  • No queuing, unlike a rental in an agency
As everything can be bought and ordered on the internet, digitalizing your agency becomes essential. As such, think about using it via smartphone thanks to an optimized website or better yet, a mobile application!
In addition to providing a solution that is easy to master for your customers, you make it easier to manage your agency. Everything is centralized, you don't have to print several copies, you don't have to worry about lost files or forgetting to send documents.
Develop the notoriety of your car rental agency
A web presence is a return on investment in the medium and long term allowing you to reach a wider customer base. Several channels are possible:
  • Social networks
  • Your website
  • Customer reviews
  • Recommendations on specialized sites
By providing quality and regular content through these different means of communication, you will not only build customer loyalty but also grow your community. Don't forget that a convinced user is a potential ambassador! This contributes to the brand image of your agency and brings traffic to your company's website.
Easy customer journey and simple management thanks to digital is the perfect combo for the development of your car rental business.
Check every step of the car rental process
By being present on the web, your car rental agency multiplies the chances of attracting new customers. For an optimal digitalization, our KIRRK solution allows to propose a complete solution to the customers but also to the agencies. Kirrk offers the following advantages:
  • Installation in a few minutes on your cars
  • Solution adaptable to all models
  • Lower costs for better transaction margins
  • Inventory of the vehicle thanks to the camera on the phone
  • Location from the smartphone for more security and control over your fleet
Operations are simplified and everything is controlled remotely.
On the user side, registration only takes a few minutes. The rental file is completely set up remotely. The vehicle is quickly located and started directly from the application.
Our innovative solution brings as many advantages to your customers as to your teams.
Say Yes to digitalization
Don't think of digitalization as the future but as our present. Smartphones revolutionized the way clients consume. Today, we use apps to book a restaurant, a cinema ticket, a hotel room, the next trip for its simplicity and efficiency. 
Even if it seems obvious, you have to offer online payment and reservation. It will make the process more efficient for the customer but also for you. Your team will waste no time trying to explain endless complex contracts to a client who is justifiably annoyed to have queued for half an hour. Booking is generally the first contact with your brand, don't make it unpleasant for both sides.
Kirrk offers you a white-label booking platform, SEO-optimized. Since we are aware that not all your existing customers will be autonomous, Kirrk Desk has been developed to be as intuitive as possible.
Not only for your clients but also for you and your staff. You can manage all your operational data and adjust your business in real-time. You will save some precious time. Who says digitalization has to be complex? Not with us, you will receive a two hours formation on Kirrk technology. And with no more than 3 minutes all your fleet will be connected.
Rental business comes with challenges and unique needs. A rental business management software as Kirrk is not only useful, it's essential. If you want to distinguish yourself, you need to drive the change and be the market leader in how you manage your business and what you offer. After all, what you are offering is no different than what others belonging to the same industry are offering. But you can be different in how you offer it.

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