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Car rental services are part of a branch with a rich history, having long resisted the phenomenon of digitalization. Unfortunately, the traditional process can still be stressful and confusing today, featuring long and incomprehensible contracts, endless lines that may end in meetings with unfriendly personnel, and clients finding themselves often faced with unexpected charges or hidden fees at the end of their rental.
In an 'everything right away' society it is paramount to improve customer experience in car rental agencies.
Learning from the new industries
Real estate has also been an industry that has long resisted the phenomenon of digitalization. Nevertheless, a few years ago trends emerged gradually that changed the industry (due to new digital services) and revolutionized the traditional processes. One of the pioneers of this development is the well-known Airbnb.
By creating a very intuitive platform where all the different steps of the process are converging, they offer an easier procedure that is highly efficient for both clients and service providers.
This method has completely changed the game for real estate businesses by creating new and promising markets that led Airbnb to become the spearhead of this industry today

How to simplify the experience in such an old industry like the car rental business?

Using a simple interface
Clients are often confronted by the usual obsolete technology of car rental services that makes their first steps in this process complex and stressful.
That is why we have to remember that the main rule in digital design is SIMPLICITY through INTUITIVENESS when innovating.
We always have to keep in mind that these services should be understandable by the largest group of people, even the less aware of technologies. The more complex it is, the less effective it will be.
Answer to the need for immediacy
Thanks to digitalization, each of us are used to immediacy. And a client will not expect differently from a car rental agency.
Agencies need to offer their customers ways to engage in instant communication or pass along their feedback to the brand. In the best way, each interaction should help achieve a continuous, real-time flow of critical information based on customer experience.
Providing clear pieces of information
Customers don’t like bad surprises. To avoid negative feedback, car rental agencies have to be transparent about prices. That means no unexpected charges or hidden fees. Same clarity has to be applied to contracts.
Rental car companies should use easy-to-understand language, in order to transform the standard processes into a mobile app to facilitate the information to the client.
Using a car rental software
Managing an agency, is not an easy story as it requires strong skills and experience. So why not giving a boost in this task? An efficient fleet management software can offer to rental companies more control over general fleet operations and more.
There is a lot of benefits to using this kind of service like the one that Kirrk provides: documentation management, online reservations, online data management and many more. It’s the best way today to help car rental agencies to manage their organization and give a better customer experience.
This means taking the voice of the client and putting it into a system that is not open to the public eye.
By doing so agencies can have a more positive experience for themselves and their customers.
You also meet customer expectations by giving them a way to express their discontent. This way agencies could perceive less negative online reviews this way in order to fix the situation and turn that experience into a positive review.
Any business should be concerned with meeting client expectations and due to digitalization, we are used to having everything in a simple way. Which, consequently, expectations are set to have the same experience from any kind of service. That is why this transformation of the customer journey through technology, if done effectively, can give a fresh start to any business.

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