Limiting interactions for better time saving

Kirrk team
It is not uncommon for people who do not wish to invest in a car but prefer to rent one only for the time it takes to go on a trip, weekend or holiday. This is particularly the case for people who live in the city and are used to using public transport. It is therefore essential to facilitate their travel outside of everyday life. In this digital age, it is important for your agency to follow the trends. We will explain how limiting interactions allows you to save time and stay competitive in any situation.
All steps are simplified and dematerialized
In recent weeks it has been important to limit the contacts or movements of your teams. Thanks to our tool, you can preserve your workforce while remaining competitive. Our solution allows you to :
  • Limit customer contact
  • Limit travel, everything is done in a few clicks for both your teams and your customers.
  • Avoiding waiting times
  • Save money : paper, travel, premises
By digitizing your agency, you meet your customers' expectations in a few seconds while making it easier for them to rent a car. In addition, your teams can control everything remotely, thanks to an ultra-complete dashboard.
Save time for customers and your teams
By simplifying the steps of car rental, you make the customer experience easier and the work of your teams simpler.
Your customers can rent a vehicle without having to travel while benefiting from quality services. For your teams, the daily work is also much easier. Our solution allows you to benefit from advantages such as :
  • Simple localization from the smartphone
  • A solution that adapts to all vehicle models. You can reach a wider customer base.
  • Quick installation on vehicles by a very small team
  • No contact between agent and client for the inventory of fixtures which is carried out with the smartphone camera.
So many advantages that save time for your teams but above all for your customers. A simple and quick experience that is likely to be recommended to their entourage, who may represent a strong customer base.
Avoid contact for speed and ease of use
In addition to bringing an innovative solution to your customers and your teams, you ensure continued profitability. Your customers can rent a vehicle whenever they want without having to wait for your agency's opening hours or wait in line hoping to have a car available.
Your agents and clients don't need to meet to sign documents, everything is done digitally. The same goes for locating or starting the vehicle since everything is possible directly from the application.
Your agency has no more limits and remains accessible all year round!

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