Why using a car-rental software will be the key to your agency’s success ?

Kirrk team
Like a lot of sectors, the car rental industry was not spared by the crisis resulting from the COVID. However, the summer seems to change the trend! In fact, according to a YouGov study: 39% of interviewees will prioritize cars over trains or planes for their holidays. Victim of their success, Corsica agencies even experienced a shortage of rental cars in July due to unexpectedly high demand. Looking at the actual context, we can guess that the sanitary crisis is far from being over. Between hygienic standards and higher demand, we should all certainly give some adjustments to our companies if we want to answer this new challenge. Using software as the one that Kirrk provides is probably the key to your success, and this is why!
It will save you money
Controlling and reducing costs is always a priority for any business, including budget management of a fleet. The SaaS software has a 'Fleet Manager' tool that will ensure you scheduled vehicle maintenance tracked and reported on efficiently. You will experience lower maintenance costs and increased fleet utilization.
SaaS tool is based on a resource rental model (for on-demand use) and not ownership, as in the traditional model.
By using the SaaS model, you will avoid expensive purchases amortized over time. You pay only for what you use and the service can evolve according to your need. It generally takes the form of a monthly subscription, allowing your company to reduce its investment, and better manage its budget. At any time, you can also choose to cancel the offer.
Make the customer journey more efficient
All businesses' main preoccupation should be meeting client expectations, and by using car rental software you will simplify the customer journey of your clients from taking information to booking and picking up the vehicle! In our modern society, we're used to having everything in the second and the car rental industry should be no exception if it is to be able to meet new customer demands. By using a service like ours, in a few minutes, he will book his vehicle and pick-it-up, avoiding endless lines. The client will also have immediate access to all the documents or contracts whenever he needs it.
Limit physical interactions, and make your team save time
In the actual situation, finding solutions to limit physical interaction has been in the center of every business's preoccupation. With Kirrk, through the app, the customer can localize his rental and unlocks it with his phone. The same goes for signing contracts, clients and agents don't need to meet anymore to sign documents.
But that's not all, our service will also save your teams a lot of time by helping them in their daily tasks.
Answer today new challenges, and anticipate tomorrow's ones
Today, in towns and metropolises, we can observe the proliferation of modes of transport. Mobility is becoming multimodal. Whether it is urban or peri-urban trips, people are moving more and more and their needs are increasingly varied too. It's also the emergence of a stronger interest in eco-friendly vehicles, supported by the 'Climate Plan' and the 'Mobility Laws' implemented by the government. With Kirrk you can more easily detect the vehicles which consume the most, those that pollute, and those that your customers prefer. In this way, you can more easily adapt your fleet to customers’ demands, and adopt a more eco-responsible approach that will surely be appreciated.
SaaS model is disrupting the way businesses view access to digitalization today. While the traditional acquisition model placed a significant financial burden on small structures, SaaS now allows them to use cutting-edge software with formulas adapted to their real needs. It is much easier for an SME to quickly change its practices and gain flexibility and efficiency even with small teams. Kirrk is the perfect partner to support you daily, and facilitate work in your agencies. With its intuitive platform, your consumers will have a satisfying experience from start to end.

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